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Chamber Packages

Nyle Systems: Your Trusted Partner for Custom Kiln Chamber Packages

We specialize in dehumidification, indirect gas, and steam kilns, offering top-quality kiln chamber packages tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced and professional installation crew can have your kiln up and running within one to five weeks, guaranteeing a swift and efficient setup.

With over 8,000 installations under our belt, you can trust our expertise to handle every aspect of the process, from building the kiln chamber to installing the drying unit and incorporating industry-leading controls.

At Nyle Systems, we take pride in providing hassle-free and superior kiln solutions that exceed your expectations. Experience the difference of working with the industry's best and optimize your drying operations with our exceptional kiln chamber packages.

Chamber Designs:


The foundation of every Nyle-provided kiln is built to last. The entire kiln frame is crafted from robust aluminum, ensuring longevity and structural integrity. Designed to simplify installation, the frame is prefabricated and assembled without any field welding. It rests upon a sturdy slab, often accompanied by a 12" by 12" stub wall, providing a secure base for your kiln.

Fan Truss and Door Lintel

Our all-aluminum fan truss comes factory-mounted with the fans, streamlining the setup process. The door lintel is an integral part of the frame, constructed entirely from aluminum for maximum durability.


Door Carrier

A practical, resilient door carrier made from hot-dipped galvanized steel ensures smooth functionality. Equipped with a manual door jack, it effortlessly slides through a top hang "I" beam, securely anchored to the front lintel.


Crafted using aluminum pans, our kiln walls hold top-tier board insulation with exceptional R-value. These wall pans securely attach to the aluminum columns while being expertly designed to prevent water retention and drain any condensation if it occurs. Our wall system is optimized to minimize condensation and maximize insulation, contributing to the overall efficiency of the kiln. Additionally, the exterior showcases a patterned aluminum finish, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.


Our kiln roofs feature an aluminum interior to prevent water accumulation, ensuring durability and protection against moisture. The interior is lined with insulation for optimal temperature control. The exterior boasts an aluminum roofing system, expertly mounted to minimize any risk of leakage. The roof comes with all appropriate flashing and trim to complete the package. In most cases, the roof is pitched to the rear, promoting efficient water runoff.

At Nyle, we pride ourselves on providing kilns built to withstand the test of time. Explore our range of high-quality, meticulously designed kilns, and experience the reliability and excellence that define Nyle's craftsmanship. Choose Nyle - where innovation meets durability.

Prefabricated Chamber Packages

L200Pro Chamber 

An advanced drying solution with four fans, power vent, and a prefabricated chamber. Package includes L200 Pro DH Unit, Pro control, four circulating fans, powered vent kit, and prefabricated chamber. Optimize your drying process with ease and precision!
About Our L200Pro Chamber

L200Pro Container

The ultimate solution for creating top-quality drying kilns! Combining our renowned and high-quality drying systems with a 20 or 40-foot insulated shipping container, this all-in-one package has everything you need for efficient and precise lumber drying.
About Our L200 Container Kilns

Camden Chambers

These semi-assembled kits are designed to meet our rigorous standards and can be effortlessly erected at your location. Our packages include a chamber with a dehumidification system perfectly sized for your needs, ensuring efficient and precise lumber drying.

About Our Camden Chambers

We offer a pre-configured chamber series that can be quickly erected on-site, as well as custom turn-key chambers designed to fit your production requirements and installed by our professional crew.

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High Quality & Efficient 
Kilns Made in the U.S.A


High Quality & Efficient 
Kilns Made in the U.S.A

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